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outreachasiaforweb.jpgMike and Gina Peck really had their work cut out for themselves in 2000 when they founded Outreach Asia, but thanks to a staff that operates solely on volunteers, they are able to donate more than 95% of the money that they raise to fund the basic necessities of life to hundreds in Southeast Asia. That is huge!

Right now, Outreach Asia is using all of its generous donations to provide clean water, upgrading educational services, and providing much needed medical care for the many people in this region affected by leprosy.

They have sponsorships available for children and families on their website, as well as information on all of their ongoing projects throughoutoutreach-asia-kids.jpg Southeast Asia.

I am constantly amazed and inspired by the people and stories that I come across as I research information for these posts. I have been “introduced” to some really amazing people while compiling some of this information, both by the giving and receiving end of these gifts to humanity. There is a great little story about Mother Theresa on their site about how to end poverty…. but that’s a whole other post in itself!!!

Mike and Gina Peck have done all of the research and have the system in place. You can help them continue their work by donating to the work in Southeast Asia.

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Mothers Fighting for Others

*photo credit: Outreach Asia

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