Saint Monica’s Gets New PJ’s!

We are so excited for the girls at Saint Monica’s! Yesterday we found out that our application to the Pajama Program was accepted and all our girls will receive brand new pajamas and bed time books.

Currently, most of the girls don’t have pajamas. Only the girls that go to boarding school have them (it’s required.) So this is very new and exciting for all of us. When having to make the decision between putting food on the table and shoes on their feet, purchasing pajamas is very low on the list.

Now, we can celebrate the little things that make us smile! There is nothing like a young girl putting on her very first pretty night gown! And having books of their own to go to sleep to is just an amazing gift.

So we wanted to say THANK YOU to the Pajama Program for choosing MFFO and the girls at Saint Monica’s! It couldn’t have happened at a better time either. Our founder, Rocky Turner, and Audrey Forshey, who heads our Gift of Education Program, will be arriving in Kenya in less than one month!

You know MANY photos of happy faces will be posted !

Thanks again Pajama Program!


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