Save Darfur | Why I now despise Fidelity Investments!

I got this letter in the mail back in mid July while Rocky was away on her cross-country trip to West Virginia. I have meant so many times to write a post about this… today, the obligation to the people of Darfur finally became too much.

Today is the day I become the voice of Fatma, and share with you what American companies like Fidelity Investments does with it’s money on our behalf.

My husband was a Jewel Food Stores, (now Alberston’s) employee for over 6 years. We now have investments and money investments involved in stocks associated with Fidelity Investments. The story that follows in the letter that I received from “Save Darfur” will break your heart. This story also makes me ashamed to know that we hold stock in Fidelity Investments.

Money does not matter enough in my life.

My money is being used to fund a Genocide to kill my brothers and sisters in Africa. Human beings that deserve the same rights to life that I enjoy here in America!

You will read for yourself why holding stock in a company that funds war and terror on the men, women, and children is contributing to the death of hundreds of thousands of lives in Africa.

No matter the color of our skin, or the roots of our heritage, human is human. The blood from our hearts bleeds as red as the sun on a summer night. No one deserves to suffer in silence. Help me give Fatma her voice when the powers that be try to silence her. (Click on the letter to enlarge)


Ignorance is bliss my friends. We cannot defend what we do not acknowledge!

If you or your spouse currently hold stock in Fidelity Investments, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE demand that Fidelity Investments Inc., no matter what the return on the investment is, does not invest your money in the loss of human lives. I know I am.

I will not tolerate their business practices as an informed stock holder any longer!

We truly live in an “American Bubble” sometimes. I am so thankful that I don’t believe every NBC, ABC, or CBS “by-line” shoved down my throat. The media, no matter how much we want to believe in “free speech,” does not deliver the truth. I know that things happen every day that would shock the average American.

Stop the power of the “American dollar” from destroying lives across the globe!

Keep our friends in Sudan and Darfur safe by saying NO to Fidelity Investments! Tell them it’s NOT okay to destroy lives to protect American investments!

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Mothers Fighting For Others

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