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I started crying when I read the Our Story of the Share Your Soles website. I know Rocky did too… I was on the phone with her when we first learned about what Mona Purdy was doing in Central America!bare-feet.jpg

I had sent out a mass e-mail to my family and friends on Tom’s Shoes. Completely unexpectedly, my cousin Jennifer LaSota, replied back that her friend had a non-for-profit organization that helped put shoes on the feet of children in Central America called Share you Soles!

While Tom’s Shoes is doing it’s part to put new shoes on the feet of children across the globe… you can be part of the cure that enables a better life to every child across the globe by donating your previously worn shoes to Share Your Soles. To a child in need, it could mean the difference between life and limb.

Share Your Soles lets you be part of the prevention of preventable amputations and loss of limbs suffered by children from infection because they simply don’t own a pair of shoes! Every year hundreds of children lose their limbs to infection. You can donate your children’s outgrown shoes to Share Your Soles.

Mona Purdy’s story was completely inspirational!

I am in the process of contacting Mona right now, but for the time being… I am going to assume that she is in the process of delivering more shoes to kids in need! You can make a difference in the lives of so many children by organizing a shoe drive in your own school or neighborhood!

They aren’t doing anyone any good in that closet. Put them on the feet of a child that needs them!

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