So I Will Remember

Nepalese Silk Yarn

I tend to make a lot of the gifts we give at the holidays, so it’s already time for me to prepare.  I wanted a unique gift for someone I taught to knit, and while searching online I stumbled across Napalese silk yarn.  This yarn is made by a co-op of women in Nepal who take the unwanted thread remnants from the creation of saris that might have been thrown away, then hand spin the threads into beautiful yarn.  The yarn is fair-trade, eco-friendly and absolutely beautiful.  It gives these women a way to earn a good wage in an area of poverty.  Many of them support their own families and extended families through this work.  I decided I needed to order enough for myself, too.

I like being able to support a cottage industry of women working from home, and I probably have more opportunities to help than I realize. I’ve started knitting a scarf for myself.  Rather than a string on my finger as a reminder, I hope the scarf around my neck will help me remember that we are voting with our dollars every time we buy something.

If you’d like to buy Nepalese silk yarn, there are many online retailers who purchase from the co-op, a quick search will give you many choices.  Happy crafting!

Sarah Sig

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  1. Headmutha September 24, 2009 at 8:25 pm #

    This yarn is SOO beautiful! I found some of it here…

    I just might buy some for my Mother in law!!

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