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MFFO Calendar Ball Postponed

With sad hearts, we are announcing the postponement of the 2010 Calendar Ball. On May 22, 2010 a memorial fundraiser will be held for Paul J. Del Giudice II, 16, of Hamilton, NJ. Paulie was a junior at Steinert High School who passed away last Tuesday at Children’s Hospital. We would like to pay our […]

Happy Mother’s (Fighting For Others) Day!

I’ve always felt a special connection to Mother’s Day. If you’re from West Virginia, you are probably among the minority of people who can name the woman who started Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, and her Mother, Anna Reeves Jarvis.  If you’re from Grafton, WV, as I am, you couldn’t escape Mother’s Day history if you […]

A Is For Aids – Being A Child In Kenya

When Rocky showed me this book on our Skype call today, it hit me pretty hard. A Is For Aids, is the title of a primary reader. It’s part of the New Progressive Primary English (NPPE) course in Kenya. It’s targeted at elementary school children. It is self-described as a “reading scheme that offers the […]

MFFO – A Real Life Google Search Story

I stumbled upon the Google Search Stories channel on YouTube this evening. The “create your own” link caught my eye and the first thought that popped into my head was, “we already have one.” The story of how Mothers Fighting For Others came to be is a real life Google Search Story. Rocky tells it […]