Thank you Dean!

Week 6 Day 1: New challenge and I need your help!

So this week for my challenge I am going to eat the basic diet of an orphan in Kenya. I got this idea when my kids were eating the other night and complaining about their food. I went into the you don’t realize how good you have it speech and realized I am probably the same.

So then it was born. I talked to Rocky Turner who runs a charity called Mothers Fighting For Others. Rocky and MFFO works to run an orphanage in Kenya so she knows very well what the typical orphan eats.

I am not doing this for nothing though. I hope to not only bring some realization to my family about how well we have it, but also to help MFFO raise a little money.

Most months they can feed all their children for only $500. So my goal is to raise $500 over the next week. All we need is 20 people who will donate $25 each and we are there. All I ask from you is a one time contribution of $25. Trust me, it will be easier to donate $25 than eat the diet I will be showing you over the next week.

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Thank You Dean for helping the girls at Saint Monica Children’s Home! We are so grateful for the support of  amazing donors like yourself, because the girls now receive fruits, vegetables and protein EVERY single day! Our hospital visits have decreased DRAMATICALLY because their diet has improved so much!

We will be posting your daily updates all week!

Asante sana rafiki, (thank you very much friend)

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