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I got a hand addressed letter in the mail today. I was pretty sure it wasn’t a bill, so of course I was intrigued. I noticed right away that the paper smelled really good, but I had no idea why. (you’ll find out at the end of this post.)

Little did I know that the letter inside was going to make me cry…

The owner of The Aroma Group, Judith Benson, had written me because of the recent Bone Marrow Registry drive I had held in memory of little Trevor Kott. She had read about the drive, and heard about me from the newspaper article that had run the day of the drive.

She brought to my attention the story of a little boy named Zachary Chapman, from a small town of Morris, IL not too far from my home in Plainfield. Sadly, Zachary too, was battling a childhood cancer.

Here is an excerpt from the letter:

“Zachary was diagnosed in March of this year with acute myologic leukemia, one of the rarer forms of leukemia. On April 3rd, 2007 the mother of one of Zachary’s classmates started a fund-raising effort with The Aroma Group to raise money to help defray the family’s mounting medical bills.

A custom hang-tag with Zachary’s picture was created and hung from the “Angel of Hope” scented bear, and the sale was on! This mother took them to his school and sold to the teachers. She took them to soccer games, a clothing sale for Zachary, to businesses that wanted to sell them to their customers, and on and on.

The first week, 24 bears were sold earning $144. The second week, 35. The third week, 40, the fourth week, 67 and the by the fifth week, an additional 88! To date, $1,524 has been raised just through the sale of a scented Angel of Hope”

Judith’s letter continues on to explain how the program is available to anyone needing to raise money for someone in need. There is no money required up front, and all product is given on consignment, and is paid for as it is sold. The Aroma Group manufactures all of the Angels and can be reached at 815-725-5820.

I truly believe this letter was another message from Trevor. I feel like he’s calling me to get involved again, and that somehow and for some reason, I was chosen to play a unspoken role in his short but meaningful life.

I look forward to talking with Judith tomorrow and learning more about how I can help her on her mission to help families who need it most.

It’s hard to find a company to assist with fund-raising for a grass-roots campaign, and I think Judith’s program is fantastic. It really lends itself to endless possibilites for getting involved!

Maybe you know someone who would benefit from a fundraising event like this? Are you interested in hosting a fundraiser for someone you know? If so, give Judith a call at 815-725-5820.

I’m telling you this paper smells fabulous… I’d want one of these bears even if they weren’t for such a wonderful cause!

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