The Blue Sweater; One Woman’s Journey to Change the World


Do you have passion and enthusiasm but feel overwhelmed or even lost  when trying to take your first steps in even the most humble efforts to make a difference in your community, your state, or the world?

Then I am asking that you take just one step…Read: The Blue Sweater by Jaqueline Novogratz.

Jaqueline’s life started just like most of ours with perhaps one exception: she knew by the age of ten that she wanted to “Change the World”.  Despite strained finances in her family, she managed to save enough money by being “scrappy and enterprising” to attend University of Virgina.

The Blue Sweater shares her remarkable journey from the young female banker who was sent to Kenya to work at the African Development Bank to founder of  Acumen Fund.

It is a very personal story in which she shares about her efforts and her own personal evolution.  You will cry during some of the  horrifying stories and be filled with hope as you share in her successes.

The one thing I can guarantee is that you will come away inspired.

As Jaqueline writes: “This book is for people who do not seek easy solutions or insist on a singular ideology for the world.  It is for individuals who care less about the amount of money people earn and more about whether they can access basic services and live with freedom and dignity that are their inherent rights as human beings.”


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