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In 2005 the United Nations High commissioner counted 20.8 million refugees in the world. Nine million of them are children.

Refugees, by definition, are people who have fled persecution in their own countries to seek safety in neighboring states. These people are seeking refuge from war, famine, natural disaster and genocide.

In addition to those the 9 million refugees, there are over 5.5 million displaced people who have remained in their own country but have been uprooted from their homes. works with UNHCR ( the UN Refugee Agency ) to give refugee youth the chance to learn, play and be educated. 90% of all donations go directly toward implementing the programs that benefit the refugee children of the world globally.

This organization pays special attention to the girls and young women of poverty. Why?

“Because girls almost always bear the brunt of poverty.

If you are a refugee girl, you’re more likely to be the one your mother turns to for help in the home. You’re more likely to contract HIV or AIDS. You’re less likely to be allowed to learn or play.

Yet all the research shows that when you empower a girl and provide her with education, you increase the chances of an entire community to climb it’s way out of poverty”

Have you been inspired lately? You will after you read the journals of the teams who visited Uganda, Azerbaijan, and Thailand and what they experienced. The message was the same throughout…

Faced with uncertain futures and no place to call home, given the chance…these children had a remarkable desire to learn and play in an environment filled with adversity.

Get involved. Visit their site. What can you do to make a difference?

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