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picture-8.png6 month old Trevor Kott’s story aired tonight on CBS5 in San Francisco.

Clicking on the photo of Trevor and his mom Angela Kott, will take to you to the video broadcast of the segment that aired on the CBS5 news tonight.

Trevor’s doctor, Dr. Kent Jolly, said tonight he about a 5% chance for survival without a compatible bone marrow donor, and that most likely he only has 8 weeks to live without one.

Becoming a donor of the National Bone Marrow Registry is so simple… 4 swabs from the inside of your cheek. There are absolutely no needles involved.

Tissue typing of the samples usually takes 6-8 weeks, which is something that Trevor simply cannot spare. Expedited testing is being done for drives held in Trevor’s honor, but sadly even those take 4 weeks to analyze.

Trevor Kott is running out of time, and I need your help.

Go to the National Bone Marrow Registry site and search for a bone marrow drive in your area. If there isn’t a convenient location available you can request a test kit to be sent directly to your home by mail.

By becoming a donor you become part of the national registry. Even if you aren’t a match for Trevor, you could someday be a match for someone else. You could literally save someone’s life by making the decision to REACT to Trevor’s story.

The Kott family needs a miracle. Please seek out a way to become a donor this weekend.

Make up your mind right now to become a donor. Trevor doesn’t have time to wait…

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