Trickle UP: Empowering the poorest corners of the world

images1.jpgTrickle UP is an organization aimed at leading the poorest people in world toward a life of empowerment, and helping them make their way out of poverty. Trickle UP supports the poor in Latin America and the Carribean, Asia, Africa, and the United States.

Once an entrepreneur has been indentified, Trickle UP extends the seed capital to start or expand a business. The money provided to do this is a grant, NOT a loan. Trickle UP works with the poor to develop a business plan, provide training, and provide the seed capital to be successful!

trickle-up-logo.jpgThe typical Trickle UP entrepreneur is a woman under 40 who is responsible for raising children and paying for their schooling. Some of the entreprenuers have a disability or are living with HIV or AIDS. Those selected to receive a grant from Trickle UP (both men and women) are hard-working and resourceful.

Help turn someones dream of being self-sufficient into a reality by donating to this program.

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