Two Mothers on a Mission: A Child’s Right

Rocky and I met a few months ago on CafeMom. I like to call it, “MySpace for Moms.” Between the two of us, we are “mom” to 10 children.

cafemom logoRocky (Head Mutha) and her husband, Jeff, are the proud parents to 6 beautiful children. My husband Tony and I are the equally proud parents to 4 adorable and energetic bundles of joy.

The first time I called Rocky on the phone, like a big nerd, I started crying. That, by the way, is just so typically me! I choked up as I confessed how much her posts on CafeMom had inspired me to “do more”. The truth is, I didn’t have the faintest idea of where I could even begin to make a difference in the world.

Little did I know, that the day I picked up the phone to call a stranger, was the day that would change my world!

I should point out that both Rocky and I are huge Oprah fans. Talk about being inspired! Besides, I’m from the Chicago area, and Oprah is one of our hometown heroes!

childs-right-post-guat.jpgRocky and I were both moved by Oprah’s Christmas Kindness Show that aired in 2005. It was about the children of South Africa and how Oprah brought them Christmas. I remembered the story well, mostly because I was challenged that same Christmas Day in 2005 by my mother in law. She questioned my desire to travel to South Africa to help the children of that region. I know her concern came mostly from the dangers of leaving the safety of American soil, but sadly, that is exactly the reason why so many people are afraid to stand up for the global community and become part of the solution.

So Our Search Began

Over the next several weeks we spent countless hours researching charities and not-for profit organizations that stand for what we both believe in.

One that stood out above the rest was A Child’s Right.

Every year millions of children die as a result of water related illnesses. Children die, because the water that they drink is contaminated with pathogens and bacteria. Water-related bacterial infections are the number one killer of children every year, globally. The sad truth is – they are all completely preventable!

Rocky and I have decided to team up with A Child’s Right to bring 10 UV water filtration systems to the children of Guatemala’s most needy. Our goal is to have them funded by the Spring of 2008. We chose Guatemala because it is the birthplace of Rocky’s two youngest children, and a region who’s children are in desperate need of the basic necessities of life.

We’re Almost Ready To Roll

Rocky and I have been busy organizing bone marrow drives in each of our areas, in memory of Trevor Kott, a six month old from Sacramento California. We have both been privileged and honored to help carry on the work of this amazing little boy.

As we finalize the details of our bone marrow registry drives, through the National Bone Marrow Registry in Trevor’s memory; we realize the importance of turning our focus once again to the work we’ve been inspired to do for A Child’s Right.

Plan on hearing more from both of us in the coming weeks and months, as we focus on obtaining the funds to supply water filtration systems to the children of Guatemala!

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