Urgent: Trevor Kott Needs Bone Marrow Donor Match

Trevor Kott must have a bone marrow transplant- SOON, but no one has yet been identified as a match. Trevor needs you!

Trevor is a 5 month old little boy who was born with AML (acute myeloid leukemia). Their family is from Sacramento California and he is desperate need of a bone marrow transplant within the next 6-8 weeks. He is very sick and without this transplant his outlook is grim._mg_0168001caringbridge.jpg

No needles are involved in determining whether or not you are a match for Trevor, and the Kott family has established a fund at The Marrow Foundation to help defer the cost of tissue-typing.

I first heard about Trevor on a post on Cafe Mom, from a mom whose own son was born at the same hospital only 2 days before her own son in October. I can’t imagine how helpless this family must feel.

Very close friends of ours lost their 11 month old daughter Alexis Doukas, to acute onset leukemia just weeks before her first birthday. Hearing this story reminded me of how sad and tragic her death was for her family and everyone that knew her. Six years later, the loss that her family endures is heart wrenching.

If there is any chance you’d be willing to submit to tissue-typing in hopes of being a match for little Trevor, please click on this link to find a center in your area at AABB.

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