We Need Bras Folks!

Yep, you heard me right!

Bras and Bike shorts are very important to the girls at Saint Monica’s. They loved the sports bras that my neighbor, Tracy, bought for some of them last year. They are comfortable and very supportive. They can use them for school, PE and everyday use. They are cotton and wash well too. I bought regular bras in Kenya this past August for some of the “fuller” girls and they quietly took me aside to thank me but to also tell me that they prefer the sports bras. If you are or know a full figured women, you can understand the “desire” for a bra that can support Fruit of The Loom Sports Brasyou during physical activity. Even the younger “newer” bra wearers like these too. Why? Because they feel like a tank top and they are not intimidating. They are the perfect beginner bra!!

Then there is the need for bike shorts. You see, the girls wear skirts for their uniforms everyday. And to be extremely open and honest with you, there are two reasons why they are a need on my list:  On cooler days the bike shorts help them stay a bit warmer and secondly, they also help pads stay into place during their menstrual cycle.

The girls who need these items range in age between 11-16, sizes XS-XL. The girls that are sponsored under our Gift of Education program will receive these items under their sponsorship, but there are 18 elementary school girls that do not have sponsors, yet!

Danskin Bike Shorts

So, if you find yourself at Target or Walmart and you would like to purchase the girls some undergarments, MFFO and the girls at Saint Monica’s would appreciate it!! You could also click on the photos above and you will go straight to Walmart.com and you could order some online and ship them directly to:

Mothers Fighting For Others
27943 Seco Canyon RD #533
Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Thank you in advance my friends.

Rocky Sig

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    I just found out about you guys from the people at Ripples of Difference. I added an excerpt from your story about your efforts. Hope you check out my blog. The blog entry is scheduled to post on 1/5/10.


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